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Whenever its extremely late and I am unable to find sleep, my mind always drifts to the same issue: where am I heading with whatever it is I am doing.. or rather not doing. The mind, I realised, becomes extremely philosophical during such times. I can’t help contemplating as to how efficiently I have managed to utilise my time for the past six months to do absolutely nothing.  I believe that doing nothing is far more difficult than doing something. And “bekaar-ing” is an art which one learns only after tedious practice at laziness.

But sadly, such unorthodox thinking is always rebuked in its early stages as is the case with Einstein, Copernicus and MAKKU RAJA (Baba). I know I am ahead of my times when I stated the theory of “bekaar-ing”, and I realised that I needed to come up with something orthodox; something which will be appreciated by these minions who will read my blog, So that I am appreciated and gain fame during this lifespan.

So here it is. My grand idea. Its called BAC. This is an initiative I have taken with the help of some friends. It is in its nascent stage but it sure promises to be a major success. We have formed a group which is the most dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic group in the college. It requires shear dedication and commitment from members towards its rules and policies. Members, otherwise believed to be laid-back or lazy, are encouraged to take initiatives, organise, MANAGE and convince more people to join in their venture. 

Before I tell you what BAC stands for, a little GK. WIPRO actually stands for Western India vegetable products (or something very similar.. very sleepy to remember), because it started off by producing sunflower oil. But now is a conglomerate of various industries.

BAC stands for Boozers’ Association of C division. It is a misnomer similar to that of WIPRO. BAC was initiated with the intention of organising booze parties, mobilising more section C-ites to such parties, and finding appropriate venues for such events of social gathering. Even though these are still some of the objectives of BAC, they are not the only ones. BAC has extended its arms to various other activities which give members opportunities to test their managerial acumen by organising what they feel like.

We have pondered over a name change, however, we have realised that most of the policies that frame BAC are pretty similar to the characteristics of alcohol. Also most of the groups formed under BAC have been by fellow enthusiast members, under the influence of alcohol. Freedom is a word easily associated with alcohol, and hence is BAC’s core principle: “give freedom to members to do whatever they wish”. Till date BAC has established its various subsidiaries as follows:

1.     1.  BAC

Manager: Mr. Atul Bajaj                                Alias: Bajaj Sahab, Bada Sahab

                    Mr. Rajiv Chowdhari                   Alias: Raj Sahib, Baablya, Rajiv G*M*kar

Mission: As explained above

Progress: the group started off with only 3 core-committee members in a dingy restaurant in Andheri (E). Today, it has grown to unimaginable proportions with the last party being conducted at a posh venue (Amby Valley- ignore spelling mistakes) with a record 18 members. The group is constantly flooded with requests for entry, and managers are dong a good job of letting them pour in.


2.    2.   BC group –

Manager: Mr. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava    Alias: Supandi, GK

Mission:To expose all the wrong-doings by section C-ites by means of photographs, mails, rumours, and traditional style g- maarna

Progress: the group has come-up with a unique logo for itself, which is still under reconsideration by the BAC core committee and is likely to be changed. Currently looking for an equally wierd alternate logo. The group has also formed a google group where exchanges of mails, photos and e-BakC***i takes place.


3.     3.  Khel Kida –

Manager: Mr. Varun Sharma                      Alias: Sir Chappu, Chulli, Lala Lajpat Rai

Mission: to find a suitable ground in Mumbai for sports.

Activities: Organising various sporting events by finding suitable locations. Encouraging or rather pestering people to come and play these sports.

Progress: Various cricket matches have been organised in plush locations such as Sai Suraj Apartments, and VPSG(Vile parle sarkari Grounds). This group has also surprisingly picked up tremendous pace with the last game of cricket being played by 16 males and a female (who is unfortunately everyone’s sister).


4.      4. Gas Tours & Travels-

Manager: Mr. Prashant Sukhwani           

Alias: Bandra Gas Tragedy (surprisingly, BAC members have not come up with good aliases. Has been noted as top priority)

Mission: Visit all weekend destinations around Mumbai in the span of two years.

Activities: Organising trips to weekend destinations near Mumbai. Getting as many C-ites involved in it as possible.

Progress: thanks to immense efforts by group manager, successful trips to Lonavla-Matheran, Alibagh, Ganpatipule have been organised. An adventure camp is also due.


5.      5. ShabdKosh-

Ad-Hoc Managers: Mr. Varun Sharma & Mr. Gaurav Kumar

Mission: to spread awareness of our national language – Hindi – amongst youth and section C-ites in particular. To formulate a English-Hindi-English dictionary

Activities: this in true sense is the literary group in BAC. It focuses on finding appropriate hindi words for english words which do not have an existence in hindi, conversing in shudh hindi (not using a single word of English or any other language including Urdu).

Progress: what started off as light fun has gathered some serious clout and its influence is ever-increasing. The brain-child of the ad hoc managers mentioned above, we are now looking for a person with a command over the language to take over the reins. Mr. Archit Chaurashia* is the prime contender.


[*the spelling mistake with ‘Sh’ in Chaurashia is intentional to point out another theory. I call it The Theory of Mispronouncing Acceptances. Consider that the dialect of hindi prevalent in Banaras use ‘sa’ instead of ‘sha’. So it is highly probable that words originating from that region may have been intended to be pronounced with the ‘sha’ in it, but due to the inherent dialect were always pronounced as ‘sa’. So for all we know, Chaurasia might as well have been Chaurashia. 

Consider another example. In south india, Makkus( Madras Andhra Karnataka Kerala Union- should not be considered as a racist remark, but only as a widely accepted acronym) have a tendency to ask a question by suffixing the vowel ‘aa’ at the end. So instead that of asking “Is your name Ram?”, they’d say “Rama?”. Or “Did you have lunch” would be “lunchaa?”

That would explain, by the theory of mispronouncing acceptances, a lot of names being spelt with a ‘a’ suffixed to them. Eg. Rama, Laxmana, Ramana.

And probably Dosa and Wada’s original names would’ve been Dos n Wad.

There are numerous such examples in each language/dialect]


So here we have it... BAC. It is the ideal group to be a part of, for all people like us, who still wonder what they do with their spare time. People who do not want to change their lifestyle, but still regret not doing anything in life. BAC is the best place for “value-addition” by conducting events, mobilising people without actually doing much work.


So come be a part of this soon to be phenomenon.


Note: look out for the next article on rules and policies of BAC.

Other core committe members, without whose support and ideas BAC wouldnt have been poosible:

Gautam Luach Alias: Luhach Sahab, Jijaji

MayankBharadwaj Alias: Pappu, Bill French

K. A Subrahmanyam Alias: Subbu, Sagar, Anant, Kompella etc.

Sumit Singh Alias: Surdas



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